We miss you Gerry.


F4UCorsair.com would like to thank the following individuals for their time; material and effort that went into helping this site become what it is today. To the new friends I've met and to the old friends reacquainted - I thank you for making my life richer.

Mike Schneider - webmaster

Jim Sullivan - The Jim Sullivan Collection Jim Sullivan My Dad used to take me out tothe local airport to watch the planes land and take off. At that time, I lived in Wilmington, NC which was about 20 minutes flying distance from MCAS Cherry Point. I loved the lines of that plane as well as the throaty roar of the R-2800. I started taking and collecting photos a few years after that. Without a doubt, the F4U Corsair is my favorite plane and I continue to collect photographic material on it. In 1995, I had the privilege to fly in the jump seat of a FG-1D and I can appreciate first hand what a high performance airplane the Corsair is. I presentlylive in Charlotte, NC. where my family and I have resided for the past 30-years. It is my pleasure to participate on this website.

Master Angler - Mark Morris Mark Morris A Colorado native, Mark Morris was born and raised studying WWII aircraft. His grandfather, Blaine Morris, worked at the Chance Vought factory helping to build and promote the Corsair fighter and Mark has amassed a small portfolio of his grandfather's wartime artwork. Mark himself has spent 18 seasons on the airshow circuit photographing WWII planes in the US and the UK and doing photojournalist work for various magazines. When not at an airshow, he can be found in the mountains of Colorado investigating the state's history or fly fishing his favorite streams.
The Corsair Boss - Mint Moore III Mint Moore III Corsair Boss and Hog Wrangler - Growing up watching and visiting the set of "Black Sheep Squadron," Mint has organized many airshows as well as warbird tours, and maintains privately owned Corsairs. Mint also has first hand experience on maintenance, startup and operation of the Corsair and direct contact with many of the current owners today.
Your Webmaster - Mike Schneider Mike Schneider Mike grew up as hanger rat at the county airport in the 70's. My Grandfathers books on WWII and related aviation fueled my imagination and I fell in love with the Corsair from a book he owned accounting the history of VF-17. (Pirates and F4U's, what could be better?) I've had F4UCorsair.com since there has been an internet. In 2002 I, along with my brother Greg and Mint Moore III, created "The Corsair Experience" documentary. I've interviewed over 60 pilots of the Corsair. I was honored to ride in "Marines Dream" in 2002. I became a private pilot in 2004.
Peter Guyton Peter Guyton Pete grew up in a house full of Corsair history as his father, Boone T. Guyton, was likely the second person to ever fly one. It wasn't unusual during his childhood greet house guests like Tom Blackburn (VF-17), answer phone calls from the likes of Ken Walsh (VMF-124) and a variety of Vought employees. Peter helped edit his father's book, Whistling Death: The Test Pilot's Story of the F4U Corsair, and has contributed to variety of Wikipedia articles on his father, the V-173 flying pancake and of course the Corsair.
Rob Mears at a very cool beach. Rob Mears Rob’s great uncle flew F4U-1D’s with Air Group 84 from the USS Bunker Hill during that ship’s 1945 combat tour, and later F4U-4B’s with VMF-312 and VMF-323 squadrons during the Korean War.  Those family war stories paired with heavy exposure to general aviation from a young age helped fuel a lifelong passion for all aspects of the F4U Corsair and its history, particularly those rare few that managed to survive beyond their official service years .Author and historian, Rob has more firsthand information on Corsairs after military service than anyone we know. Rob is also a musician and plays frequently in Shrieveport, LA.
Additional Material
Richard Allnutt Professional Photographer
Steven Bridgewater Air Atlantique Classic Flight
Steve Purcell
Greg Schneider
David Virant
Rich Kolasa
Doug Fisher
Bob Schwartz
John Klos
Jim Buckle

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