BuNo 92468

Current Civil Registration Number N9964Z

Goodyear built FG-1D BuNo 92468, owned and flown by the Commemorative Air Force. After being stricken from active duty by the US Navy, BuNo 92468 was rescued from destruction in 1957 by Ernest Huggins who passed ownership the following year to Skip Underwood of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Underwood relocated the plane to an airstrip in Buckeye, Arizona where he had a small crop dusting operation, and it remained there until being acquired in 1961 by the founding members of the then named, "Confederate Air Force." This F4U is quite possibly one of the busiest and most frequently seen Corsairs at air shows. Certainly the last U-bird to be rebuilt by the folks at Vought (from 1974 to 1981) following an accident, the plane was re-delivered to the CAF by none other than Vought CEO Paul Thayer in 1981. This Corsair has had the trademark white with red trim of the CAF livery of the 1960's, the #883 of Pappy Boyington's VMF-214, and the "Number 13" with the checkerboard cowling. In 2001 the Corsair was restored and repainted again at the Vought Industries Dallas facility as #530 from VMF-312 representing 1st Lt. MO Chance.


BUNo 92468 - Mercedes, TX 1966 - Jim Sullivan Collection BUNo 92468 FG-1D Harlingen, TX April 26, 1969 - Jim Sullivan Collection BUNo 92468 VMF-214 #883 - Jim Sullivan Collection
BUNo 92468 Breckenridge TX 1996 - Mark Morris BUNo 92468 Repaint and restoration 2001 Dallas TX - Mike Schneider Collection via Gregg Smith - Vought BUNo 92468 VMF-312 #530 Cape Girardeau June 19 2010 - Kyle Stearns

Buno 02468