BuNo 92399

Current Civil Registration Number N451FG

BuNo 92399 was originally purchased as government surplus by Queen City Salvage Inc in 1958.  Rather than scrap the plane, QCS elected to register BuNo.92399 and at least nine other FG-1D’s with the FAA and offer them for sale as flyers.  A party in the Miami, FL area bought 92399 and relocated it to the tarmac at Tamiami Airport where it languished until 1965 when Alvin George of Atlanta, GA discovered and purchased the derelict fighter as a restoration project.  Two years later it flew again briefly, but suffered substantial damage during a botched take off at NAS Norfolk, VA about six months later.

After the accident, Harry Doan of Daytona Beach, FL bought and relocated the plane into long term hangar storage for close to 20 years before finally electing sell it to John Hooper of Harvey, LA.

Hooper performed a substantial amount of restorative work on the plane, but decided to sell in 1992.  Charles Osborn of Sellersburg, Indiana became the new owner and within two years the fighter emerged from Charles Osborn’s “Vintage Fighters” hangar and flew for the first time in 25 years.

In 1997, BuNo 92399 was sold to David Jeansonne of Lafayette, LA who operated the plane regularly for two years before it was sold once again, this time overseas to UK-based collector Paul Morgan. 

In 2001, Morgan lost his life in the crash of his Sea Fury, and the following year the Corsair was sold back across the Atlantic to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison, Texas where it resides today.

Tamiami Airport, FL February 1963 - Jim Sullivan Collection Quantico, VA May 20, 1967 - Jim Sullivan Atlanta, GA in May of 1968 - Jim Sullivan Collection

OshKosh 99 - Mike Schneider

Vintage Fighters 1993 - Mint Moore OshKosh 1994 - Jim Sullivan Collection
Midland, TX 2000 - Mark Morris Hickory, NC May 1995 - Jim Sullivan Mark Morris
Buno 92399 - Doug Fisher Buno 92399 - Doug Fisher


Buno 92399