BuNo 92095

Current Civil Registration Number N67HP

Goodyear FG-1D Corsair BuNo 92095 was stored after her military service at NAS Litchfield, AZ in 1957, but escaped destruction after being selected later that year as one of twenty FG-1D Corsairs set aside for El Salvador as part of the Military Assistance Program.  During El Salvador’s war with Honduras in 1969, BuNo 92095 was one of only five remaining airworthy Salvadoran Corsairs flown in active combat.

In 1975 it was recovered by HarRan Aviation and returned to San Marcos, TX where new owner John Stokes registered it as N62344.  In 1977, Stokes sold BuNo 92095 to Howard Pardue of Breckenridge, TX who registered it as N67HP and had the faded Salvadoran war paint replaced with a new blue-over-white scheme with a blue & white checkerboard cowling.  She flew as VMF-111 number "67” with Howard’s initials “HP" on the tail.  BuNo 92095 is probably best remembered as the primary centerpiece for Pardue’s incredible warbird aerobatic displays during the 1980s.

Howard sold BuNo 92095 in 1990 to present owner Del Smith who repainted her as Number 4 "Ruthless II" of VF-17 ‘Jolly Rogers’ squadron and operated the plane from his company’s Mirana, AZ base of operations.  In 1997, the fighter was included as part of Smith’s newly established Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, OR.  Since its arrival, BuNo 92095 has become almost entirely a static display exhibit, though the museum staff continues to maintain her in airworthy condition.


BuNo 92095 - Jim Sullivan Collection BuNo 92095 - Jim Sullivan Collection BuNo 92095 - Jim Sullivan Collection
BuNo 92095 - Jim Sullivan Collection BuNo 92095 - 1998 Doug Fisher BuNo 92095 - Courtesy Evergreen Vintage Aircraft

BuNo 92095