BuNo 92044

Current Civil Registration Number ZK-COR

FG-1D, BuNo 92044 was delivered to the New Zealand Air Force as “NZ5648”.  After retirement from service, it was acquired from government surplus by salvager Jack Asplin and later sold to a private owner back in the United States. 

Jim Landry & Pat Palmer were the parties responsible for bringing the FG-1D back to pristine airworthy condition in 1982 as VF-17 Squadron F4U-1A “Big Hog”.  For reasons unknown, the plane was registered as Bureau Number “88391” and is legally identified as such to this day.

The Corsair was subsequently owned by Peter Thelen of Ft. Lauderdale, FL before finding its way into Doug Arnold’s UK based collection in 1989.  Two years later it was passed to Old Flying Machine Company where it remained a standout on the European air show circuit for the next thirteen years.

In 2004, BuNo 92044 was sold down under to James Slade as the latest addition to his New Zealand based ‘Old Stick & Rudder Company’ in Blenheim, NZ.  It's regularly flown and shown there today.

BUNo 92044 - Richard Allnutt BUNo 92044 - Doug Fisher BUNo 92044 - 2001 Steven Bridgewater
BUNo 92044 - Doug Fisher

BUNo 92044 2010 - Gavin Conroy - courtesy airliners.net

BUNo 92044 VMF-214 #8 2010 - Doug Fisher

Buno 92044