BuNo 17799

Current Civil Registration Number NX83782

Chance Vought F4U-1A Corsair BuNo 17799, carrying N number NX83782, is owned by Planes of Fame museum, based at Chino, CA.

BuNo.17799 was delivered to the US Navy during August 1943, but its service records are blank until it showed up again at NAS San Diego in August 1944 for overhaul. It joined VF-84 in December 1944, then VBF-14 in January 1945, VBF-98 in February 1945, ¬†and then finally from April to June 1945, the Corsair served with CASU-33. An entire year of service in the middle of World War II (Aug 1943-Aug 1944) is unaccounted for which is why Planes of Fame believes there's a strong chance it was a combat aircraft. Stricken from active service in August 1945, BuNo17799 was a movie prop in the early 1960's at MGM studios.

The plane was moved to Ontario, CA in January of 1970 by Ed Maloney and added to his growing warbird collection, which until that time had been referred to simply as the 'Air Museum'.  In 1973, Maloney relocated BuNo 17799 and the rest of his collection to nearby Cal-Aero Field in Chino, CA under the new name "The Air Museum - Planes of Fame".  Not long thereafter, BuNo.17799 was made airworthy and flown as part of the 'Black Sheep Squadron' television series.  It remains on display at the museum in Chino to this day, and makes regular appearances on the annual air show circuit.


BU 17799 Ontario, CA. Feb 2nd 1970 - Jim Sullivan Collection Markings represent Air Group 5 Markings 1945 USS Franklin CV-13 - Doug Fisher Planes of Fame - 2006 Doug Fisher Thunder in the Valley 2003 - Mike Schneider